Sunday, December 12, 2010

The End (of 2010)

So it's nearly the end of our first year as a band. 2010 has been pretty awesome, so thanks a bunch to anyone who helped us out, lent us gear, driven us about and given us the time of day. It's been fun!
We only have 2 shows left this year, one is at Luc and Corbins house on the 19th, and the other is a charity show at Sigma on the 22nd. It would mean the world if you could make it out to either show. If you wanna come to the house show/party you'd probably best message either Luc or Corbin for the address (and permission to come, haha).
In January 2011 we'll be heading to Pontypridd to rekerd some songs, of which will be on our split with Ten Speed Bicycle. Exciting! We'll chuck up a song as soon as we can. Then in May we'll be doing a couple of shows with Iron Chic (depending on Awesome Dawson's exams) and hopefully/maybe do a real tour during the summer.
2010 has been rad, hopefully 2011 will be even better! We shall love you and leave you with a very terrifying picture of Timmy.

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