Tuesday, December 21, 2010

On a scale of 1 to diabetic, how diabetic are you?

The House show at Luc and Corbins house was stupid fun, the journey back home in the snow the day after however, not so much. House shows rule, Snow drools!

The Sigma show tomorrow has been cancelled, but fear not! We've been added to the Skate Park Fundraiser at Surf Club (formerly Bentleys) in Mumbles this Thursday. The Groundnuts and Independents and The Ramonessss are playing too, aswell as DJ's and stuff. Come on down and let's "get festive" or something.


  1. err photo thievery... copyright infringement, prepare to be sued as fuck yo

  2. I take it you're unaware that our faces are actually copyrighted. Face theif!