Monday, November 22, 2010

How does he sleep at night?

On Saturday night we headed to Kingston to play Post Fest Blues Fest. It was possibly the worst we've ever played. Argh! I lost count of the fuck ups, but I think my favourite was when my voice kept going all "scooby-doo-esque" every few seconds towards the end of the set. Horrible. Despite this, we still managed to have a lot of fun, as per always. Caves were brilliant with the recent addition of Minty, Our Time Down Here were fun, Calvinball were awesome, and Above Them were obviously amazing. It was a whole lot of fun, so thanks a bunch to Angela for getting us down to play again. Also, thanks to Trev (and Oli) for lending us a head(s) after Scotts blew up last week, Minty for lending us a bass head, Sean for driving us (again) and Dave Brent for massaging our ego's on punktastic by saying "If that was your worst your best must be mind blowing". Bless.

After the show Carly and Sean went to party with above them, caves, and timmy, and we headed back to Sheehys house to crash and hangout with our buddies in Ten Speed Bicycle, via some pizza place that served me a pizza with vegan cheese but REAL chicken on. Seriously wasn't down with it. In the morning we listend to Algernon Cadwallader and Kanye West while eating toast. It was fun. I like Kingston.

Our next show is... oh wait. We dont have none. But we're recording soon, yeah!

Thanks to Minty for the rad photo!

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