Monday, May 10, 2010

Look, two of them now...

So we played a show the other night in Bridgend with a really rad band called The Business Is Closed. I don't really know what I was expecting, but shit, they were amazing! There were bits of Fugazi, Small Brown Bike, Young Livers... and all things good in there, and well, they were awesome! I really hope we don't leave it too long until we play together again! You can check them out here:, super nice dudes n' all!

Our next show is in Clwb Ifor Bach in Cardiff with a really really cool band from Chicago called Grown Ups. We're seriously stoked to be playing this because firstly it's our first show in Cardiff, and secondly it's with Grown Ups, who're probably the best band Big Scary Monsters have ever signed! You can download an EP of theirs from, so you should probably go and do that, come to the show, and sing along. They kinda sound like Latterman mixed with Algernon or something. Needless to say, we're stoked to be playing with them.

It seems all I've done in this post so far is big up other bands, but fear not! Here is some shameless spamming, but I guess it's justified. If you can't spam shit to do with your own band on your own blog, where else can you do it, right? But yes, we printed up some more demo's the other day, and they look nice. I spent a few hours hand making CD wallets because the ones online are expensive as fuck, but it was worth it. Our good friend Rhys Pillai screen printed them with sky blue ink on the Orange card wallets, and did a sterling job! If you want one, come to the Grown Ups show on the 22nd May. If we have any left maybe I'll sell my soul to the devil, give in, and give up the bitter grudge I hold against paypal and sell some here on the site. Maybe.

In other news, we're playing PUNK 'N BOWL 5 at Bristols bowling lanes on 15th August, HECK YEAH! I have no idea who else is playing, all I know is that us and The Arteries are... ROAD TRIP!

Until next time, laters.

PS. Sorry about the picture I used Zach...

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