Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'll get a Whimpy

Since our last post we've been quite busy, despite it only being about a week ago. So on the Friday we recorded the demo, on Sunday we discussed the possibility of getting the demo out in time for our show on Wednesday and then Carly drew up the design for the cover. On Monday I met with Owen to discuss the plans to screen print. On Tuesday we printed and cut out the inserts, picked up the mix from Corbin, and Owen made the screens. On Wednesday we burnt a lot of shitty CD-R's and hand-numbered them, and at about 6:00 Owen started printing the covers. At about 8:00 the demo's arrived to us just in time for our sound check. Rushed operations are definitely the best! The demo's sold about pretty quickly, but fear not, you can download it for FREE from the Releases page. We'll probably get the tape out within the next few weeks and we'll probably do a few more CD-R's too, laziness depending. We MIGHT even get some merch made soon or something, but we probably wont...

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