Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bad Burgers

So there's been quite a lot happening lately which we should probably tell you about. First of all, we played our first show in Bristol a few weeks ago and it was VERY fun. It was kinda weird and cool to see faces of people we knew in a place far far away. It was kind of like playing a show in Swansea, only in Bristol... I'm definately typing too much here, but yes! Good times were had, and it was super cool to catch up with the guys in Bangers, and make some new friends in Rooftops and Apologies I have none. And the conversation topics in the Van to and from Bristol were second to none, maybe. Either way, massive thanks should go out to Owen for driving us, and Kieran for cooking the best Vegan Curry Swansea has ever seen! Speaking of Owen, he recorded us playing, and it actually came out quite well! He's chucked up a song for listenage on his blog which I feel everyone in the world should check out: Ambition is Pitiful
In other news, we FINALLY got round to recording our demo today, with our good friend Corbin who plays in a band called TKIF, who you should probably check out. It was a totally fun experience and we managed to record 3 tracks in one day which was pretty dope. They should be available for FREE download within the next few days, but if you folk like something cool and nifty to hold, we will be putting it out on CD and TAPE... both will have different designed screenprinted inlays/cover etc. We're excited!
We're playing with some of our favourite bands and dudes on Wednesday. We're playing with the mighty Young Livers, Bridge and Tunnel, Bangers, and Ssssnakes at Bar Sigma in Swansea. We'll be on at about 8:10ish, so get on down early if you want to catch us!

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