Sunday, June 6, 2010


Our friend Roo is awesome. He is deffo in my top 10 of favourite people in punk rock along with the other members in his band. His band are currently on tour with the awesome Dirty Tactics and a while back he asked if he could use one of our songs to be on a comp he was going to take with him on tour to promote his favourite bands in the UK. It seemed like a rad idea, so we let him. Little did we know the compilation was going to be uploaded on to National Underground for free download! Needless to say, we're stoked to be featured on it with our "home boys" in The Arteries and Solutions, aswell as our favourite UK bands and friends alike. So be sure to go over to National Underground and download the compilation and while you're over there check out the videos of Paint It Black and Shook Ones playing a house show at Fest a few years back, it's possibly the best video I've seen on the internet!

You can download it from here:
In other news, "tour" (actually a weekender) is quickly approaching. We're pretty excited! We're considering getting some merch made for it, but I dunno. We're a pretty small band, and I think that getting merch made at this stage may seem to egotistical. But who knows! If you happen to live in Exeter, Brighton, and Lincoln and you're not busy, feel free to come see us! I think we should call the trip "Faliraki '09 UK Tour Weekender 2010" because inside jokes are awesome. I hope the rest of the band agree....

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