Monday, February 21, 2011

We're a year old?

It recently occurred to me that it has been a whole year since we played our first show! Time has most certainly flown by fast. In our first year as a band we've had some of the best times ever and have been lucky enough to make some amazing new friends and play with some of our favourite bands and in turn, make even more amazing friends. Normally, bands do this sort of thing at the end of the year, but I didn't want to seem like we were jumping on the band wagon when everyone else was doing it (even though by doing it now we still are sort of jumping aboard), so without further ado, here is a quick recap of our first year...

Febuary 2010
We played our first show with Above Them, Hammer No More The Fingers, and Caves at the recently opened new Bar Sigma in Swansea. We played 4 songs and a Get Bent cover, because we didn't have any other songs. After the show, we went back to my house and Minty, Zach and Carly stole my bed so I tried to sleep in the bath tub.

March 2010
We wrote a new song. We played our second show downstairs in Sigma on the floor with Solutions, Big City Plan and Nozzle. It was a lot of fun. Later that night Kev from Big City Plan and some dude who came down with them tried skating down Constitution Hill, and then we went and drank tea at my house. Later that month we played a one off acoustic show at Mozarts with PJ Bond and Adam from Peachfuzz (and his good friend, and good dude Iolo). Gaz used a saucepan as a cymbal. We are definitely not an acoustic band.

April 2010
We played our first show out of Swansea in Bristol with Apologies, I Have None, Rooftops, Bangers and Warren from the Attika State. Lots of Jenga was played. Later that month we recorded our demo with Corbin at the BBC/Uni studios in Swansea, he accepted a sausage roll as payment and it was very fun. A few days later we made a super short run of CD-R's to sell at the show we had with Bridge and Tunnel, Young Livers, Bangers and Ssssnakes. They all sold out at the show pretty quickly. Later on that night we partied perhaps a little too hard at Corbins house, and all our lungs felt bad the next morning from the fire extinguisher fumes (long story...)

May 2010
We made another run of Demo CD-R's, and we played Hobos in Bridgend with our buddies in Question The Mark and This Business Is Closed. Later on in the month we played in Clwb Ifor Bach in Cardiff with Grown Ups, Into It. Over It, The Muscle Club, and Samoans, before driving back to the "punkalow" in Swansea to play a late night house show with Grown Ups and Into It. Over It.

June 2010
We didn't play any shows in June because it was exam period (I think).

July 2010
We practised lots, and wrote new songs in preparation for our tour later that month. It was initially meant to be just a weekender, but we got offered more shows and suddenly it turned in to a really bad routed tour. We hit up Cardiff, Kingston, Manchester, Exeter, Brighton and Lincoln and played with the likes of This Hidden Switch, Bedford Falls, Blackbeard, Calvinball, Cynics, Leagues Apart, The Don Ramos Players, Well Wisher, Some Sort Of Threat, The 255's (<3), Olive Anne, You Me & The Atom Bomb, Above Them, Glass Avalanche... and a load more I can't remember right now. We travelled mostly in a VW polo.

August 2010
Came back home from tour, played a show with Good Luck, Bangers and Ssssnakes in Sigma, which was probably the best that we've ever played. Later that month we played Punk 'n bowl with all the best bands in the UK. The Arteries killed it! We ate a massive pizza, and drank lots of beers with our best friends and it was awesome. It was the best day!

September 2010
Gaz moved away to Liverpool to go to Uni and Zach started illustration at Swansea Met, which meant we didn't get up to much.

October 2010
Gaz came home for the Arteries release show, which meant we could play the show with RVIVR, Bangers, Well Wisher, A Thousand Arrows, and Olive Anne at Bar Sigma. It was a pretty heavy weekend, and Scotty even took a glass to the neck. Shit was nasty.

November 2010
Went up to Manchester to play a show with Bomb The Music Industry, Mega Games and a few others. At the end of BTMI's set someone shouted in to the mic "Bomb The Music Industry raped my mum" which wasn't cool! We drove back home that night because Scott and I had job centre meetings in the morning, but didn't get home until about 7am (thanks to Sean "A-Road@ Hunt, winks). Later that month we played Post Fest Blues Fest in Kingston with Calvinball, Our Time Down Here, and Above Them which was a lot of fun. After the show we went to eat pizza at Sean Sheehys House with our buddies in Ten Speed Bicycle.

December 2010
Played a house show at Luc and Corbins x-mas/corbins leaving party. Luc Frost puked up blood. Rad. We then played at the Skatepark Fund Raiser in Mumbles with The Groundnuts and Ssssnakes.

January 2011
Recorded our songs for the Split with ten speed bicycle in Llantwit Fadre with Todd Campbell. They came out sounding sweet.

February 2011
Here we are!

All in all, our first year as a band has been a lot of fun, hopefully our second year will be as fun, if not better! Thanks a bunch to anyone who's helped us out xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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