Friday, January 28, 2011

Myspace, give up already!

HI! First of all, myspace still sucks, and I think we'll barely be using it from now on, so if you want to contact us, do so the cool old school way and chuck us an email, kapeesh? dividersuk[at]hotmail[dot]com is the address. We'll do our best to reply to all emails, unless it flows straight in to the junk folder, and goes unread. Which has happened!

But anyways, next point of blog post... MAD love to the (at this time of typing) 230 people who have downloaded the split with Ten Speed Bicycle already. Speaking of which, I just realised I hadn't even posted on here saying it was up for free download! SHIT! If for some reason you're not a fan of us on facebook, not friends with any of us in real life or on facebook, don't read, don't read the punktastic forums, don't read the South Wales Massive forums, and you haven't downloaded the split already, you can do so by clicking here! It's free! The tape version will be out on March 31st. I think Youth Camp Records will be taking pre-orders soon, though I might be wrong. If I am wrong, which I probably am, feel free to come to the release show at The Fighting Cocks in Kingston, on the 31st March. It'll be fun! Ten Speedz are playin', and as are Loose Cannons and Well Wisher (depending on if they pull out or not this time. Winks). If Kingston is a potential ballache for you, feel free to come on down to the un-official release show and see the EXACT same line up in Mozarts in Swansea the next day (that's Friday 1st April, bro). The choice is yours. However, be it known that Stephen Townsend is putting on the Kingston show and he is only THE BEST DUDE IN THE WORLD! So yeah, I know what show I would be going to...

Kurtis totally filmed us playing 6 months ago when we played at the last This Hidden Switch show at Buffalo Bar in Cardiff. He's finally got round to uploading the video to teh intenetz, so check it out if you want. It was the first time we had ever played "Me. You. Len. On A Boat. Faliraki '09", it's kinda funny how much the song has changed since then. But still, cheers Kurtis, it's probably the best quality video of us yet!

I think that's all for now. I'll probably get round to posting a lyrics page on this blog sooner or later, because peoples have been-a-asking, but I guess that just depends on my lazyness really. So until whenever that may be, laters.

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