Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tour was too awesome!

I can’t believe it’s taken me nearly a week to post this, but fuck, tour was so amazing. It was without a doubt the best tour we’ve ever been on, so thanks a lot to everyone that helped it happen.
First of all, thanks to Rich from 7 records for letting us borrow his van and being a true gent. More people should check out and support his label, he’s put out a load of great records! Secondly, thanks to the nicest northerners in the whole of the UK, Glass Avalanche for keeping us in line, and arriving at the venues to supply backline 2 hours before we arrived (because our Van refused to go over 50mph). Without them the whole tour would have been a shambles. Mad props to Rob Bradbury for keeping me updated with “the plan”. Massive thanks also go out to South Wales’ best band, Pipedream, for putting up with our shit once Glass Avalanche had left us! Seeing BT naked will NEVER get old. 
Cheers to all the promoters that put us on and made us food and forced weed down our throats: Owen, Rhi, Gar, and all at STHC, Sean Sheehy, Kev Fenton and Patrycja Sucharska, Daz Clark and Lester, Rosie and Rob, Adam Parker, Lewis Bloor, and Sophie Porter!
Also, check out all these bands: Hipflask, Caves, T-shirt Weather (I’m gutted we missed them because we were late, but they’re a great great band regardless!), The Cut Ups, Above Them, Bear Trade, Farman, Muncie Girls, Victory Points, Bouquet, Gnarwolves, Rad Medicine, All The Best Tapes, Sophie Porter and Ducking Punches (or Punctures).

EDIT: Thanks to Dai Hughes for lending us one of his awesome custom made kits too!
EDIT: Thanks Tris too for selling our merch and waking up some neighbours in Birmingham by playing Pantera full blast in the van in the early hours...

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