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Last year I posted a lengthy post about our first year as a band, so here is the second year installment..

March 2011
We released our split tape with ten speed bicyle on What We Should Be Doing / Youth Camp Records, and to celebrate we played the fighting cocks in Kingston on the 31st of the month. How we went 3 months without playing a show I'll never know! It was an extremely cool sthough, full of party poppers, balloons and silly string! Steve puts on the best shows. Everyone who lives in the London should support that guy!

April 2011
A Day after the Kingston show, we played another release show in Mozarts in Swansea, with ten speed bicycle and Loose Cannons. Everything that could of went wrong at the show went wrong. ten speed's van broke on route to Swansea, which meant they were super late, and as they were bringing the backline meant the whole show was running late. Then during our set we completely fell apart... from guitar strings snapping, to drums falling apart while being played, you name it, it happened! It was without the worst show we'd ever played.
A few days later we played with Unfun, Pudge and Hipflask at Buffalo Bar in Cardiff. After our shitty performance at Mozarts, we actually practiced... and we actually played well too! It goes to show, practice works!
A few weeks later we played Buffalo once again, this time with Blacklist Royals, Peachfuzz and Question the Mark. It was the first show we'd played for STHC, who are without a doubt the nicest promoters we've ever played for! It's not every day a band that are opening a show get treated exactly the same as the headline act, but STHC allow that to happen. We shared Pizza and Beers with all the bands playing, and it was a greatly positive atmosphere because of this. STHC rule. More people should support the shows they put on!
A day later we played with Spanish Gamble, Hipflask and Caves at Le Pub in Newport. Our first and to date only show at le pub, which is without a doubt the best Venue in South Wales. Possibly even the UK! Timmy drove us, and we nearly died on the way there. That is no exaggeration, and unlike that time when we were on tour (when he was still drunk from the night before and fell asleep behind the wheel) it wasn't Timmy's fault. Regardless, we were all pretty shook up and got off at the next junction of the motorway to chill the fuck out. Despite this panic, the show was cool! Caves were fucking brilliant too, as always!

May 2011
We got to play two shows with our favourite band in the world, Iron Chic. One of them was in Swansea with Bangers and Dave House, and the other was in Manchester with Above Them and Calvinball. Both shows were a blast. We were meant to play a third show with them at Crash Doubt Fest in Lincoln, but we had to bail due to transport problems. Turns out Lincoln is the most impossible place to get to on public transport... true story!

June 2011
We took a month out, stupid exams...

July 2011
We did a tour! It started out in Swansea with the Living Daylights, Great Cynics and Pipedream in Swansea and ended with Lemuria, Cheap Girls, Sundials, and Caves in Bristol (Best show ever?!). The routing was the best (or atleat it was compared to the tour before it), but some promoters messed us around so we ended up having some days off and hanging out at Timmys house in Bristol quite a lot. I ate a lot of Pita bread and humous. Regardless, it was a great great time. Thanks to everyone involved and all the friends we made, etc. We miss tour. We should tour more. We also learned that Timmy requires a minimum of 8 beers to sleep at night, I shit not.

August 2011
We took a month out. Sleeeeeeeeep.

September 2011

October 2011
We played the PUNX stage at SWN fest, with Red City Radio, The Cut Ups, Caves and Bedford Falls, courtesy of those LOVELY people at STHC. There was an infinite amount of beers, and loads of "press" there too... which was really fucking weird. Regardless, awesome times were had!

November 2011
Took ANOTHER month. Lazy.

December 2011
We played the STHC X-mas bash with our buddies Hipflask, Forrest, Pipedream, The Strike Fades, Watch Commander, Question The Mark, thekidisfireworks, Same Four Walls, and Half A Chicken. It was super super fun, and ended up in a ridicilous party back at Owens.

January 2012
We played our first Swansea show in like, 6 months! It was with the BRILLIANT Football etc from Texas, your neighbour the liar from Scotland, and Pipedream. Good times were had! Guitar heads breaking are such a common occurance at shows in Mozarts though, eh?
We played a show with "Label buddies" / buddies Well Wisher, Verme and Pipedream. Fun times were had, I fucking LOVE Verme, and I fucking LOVE Well Wisher, and I guess Pipedream are alright too. We definitely don't play enough shows with them ;)

2012 is going to be a rad year for Dividers, hopefully... lazyness depending. So thanks for tuning in. xoxoxox

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