Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We can have unlimited juice? This party's gonna be OFF THE HOOK

So it's been less than two weeks since the release of the split tape with ten speed bicycle, and already we're nearly sold out! As it stands, we only have a handful left, so if you want one you besta get over to our bigcartel, sunshine. Thanks to anyone who's bought one already, we never would've thought they'd be gone this quickly! So yeah, thanks a bunch!

Last night we played with Unfun from Canada, and had a blast. Before hand we had our first FULL band practice in nearly a year, and I like to think it definitely showed. Considering we played the worst set of our lives the other week, last night went extremely well. I guess what this means is that we'll be practising a lot more from now on, and start being a "real band" for once. Thanks and mad props go out to Hipflask for not only being fucking acers, but also lending us a heap of their gear because most of ours is broken at this moment in time, Greenwood for putting on the show, everyone who came down, and of course Unfun and Pudge (the latter of which were fucking AMAZING).

We're going to start booking a summer tour soon. Last year we had a few shows around the same time that somehow morphed in to a really really badly routed tour where we nearly died on more than one occasion (THANKS TIMMY!!!). This time round, we're gonna do things proper so we don't have to travel with the worst hangovers in existence! If anyone is dumb enough to book us, drop us a line (dividersuk[at]hotmail[dot]com). Hell, we may even have some new songs (we've started "writing" for a potential debut album...  coming summer 2018*)

In other news, I've been watching far too much Arrested Development lately, why they only made 3 series is beyond me!

*Slight exaggeration

Photo above taken by Daniel Knott

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