Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sharper than the average fork

It's nearly Christmas time, right? Well, it kinda of feels like it is, and Christmas can only mean one thing... the return of Dawson!! The man himself is back for a really short fucking period of time, so the plan is to cram in as much stuff as physically possible within that period. Plans include a weekender with our friends in Peachfuzz, recording for our split with our friends in Ten Speed Bicycle (finally!), hopefully writing some new songs in Timmy's basement, and whatever else pops up in between. So, if you want us to play a show around the Christmas period, drop us a line: dividersuk[at]hotmail[dot]com (Hell, we might even be able to play!)

Recently, things have been pretty quiet, but we're playing two shows next month! Our next show is in Manchester with Bomb The Music Industry, Mega Games, and Cry Wank. Yes. I typed correctly. There is a band called Cry Wank. And we're playing with them. Anyway, we're looking forward to seeing some old friends, and hopefully making some new ones, too! That also goes for our show in Kingston the weekend after, with Above Them, Our Time Down Here, Calvinball, and Caves. That's right, I said Calvinball. In other words, expect Scott Neill Vs Matt Doherty: round 3 to be occurring at some point during the night. Oh, and did I mention Minty plays bass in Caves now? I know right! Everytime I've partied in Kingston it's been with Minty, so why would this be any different? Excite.

I should probably stop talking now. In a bit xx

*Upon checking out Crywank I have come to realise it's a solo act, not a band. Also, upon back reading this post I think I've come across as mean to the said Crywank. That wasn't the intended case, I just think Crywank is a pretty funny name.

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