Monday, October 11, 2010

Emo Kitten

Thanks to everyone who came to the RVIVR show at Sigma last night. It was stupid fun. RVIVR were too good for words, and were the nicest people to boot! I really wish I could see them before they fuck it off back to the US!

"Vocally the band remind me of Hot Water Music, particularly the gruff dual harmonies in 'Reckless Is My Middle Name'. It's a bit more Lifetime-esque in 'If Monday Morning Was A Person'. In other words, it's great melodic pop-punk with a gruff edge, but that edge doesn't take away any catchiness or fact there are some pretty big choruses here. For a three-tracker, this does exactly what you would hope and leaves you wanting that bit more. Always a good sign. Wales seems to have a few good pop-punk bands of this ilk and Dividers are certainly another to add to that list (3.5/5)"

Cool! Also, we have one t-shirt left. In large. Who wants it?

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