Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Closest we've even got to being "reviewed"

Bar what Steve Townsend posted on his blog, we've never really been reviewed as such. I found this post on the West Chester music forum, in a thread about cool UK bands...

kinda gruffy sing-a-long pop punk from swansea, wales! they are awesome guys (at least the 2 i know) that book a lot of very good shows in swansea and support the scene very well. Gavin, Scott, and their (was, maybe still is) Kat spearhead "What We Should Be Doing" (, which is essentially their version of ifyoumakeit. They just played their first show about a month ago and have already recorded an amazingingly catchy 3 song demo that can be downloaded on their myspace. for fans of long island pop punk, in the vein of get bent, i hear some jawbreaker in the 3rd song as well

It was posted quite some time ago by our friend Mark from Spraynard who is an awesome dude, so I guess it's kinda biased, but still. Cool!

That is all I have to say. Mark roolz. Listen to more Spraynard.

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