Saturday, August 7, 2010


We've been back for nearly a week and haven't posted anything about our time on tour. This stops now. Tour was super fun, and totally exceeded all of our expectations. Thanks so much to everyone who came to the shows, hung out and showed us the best of times. We officially love you all, and hopefully it wont be too long until our paths cross once again!

THANKS TO: Stephen Townsend, Angela Hatcher, Sean Sheehy, Minty, Matt Doherty, James Hull, Rosie Kerr, Kieran Kelly, All at Moving North, Dave March, Ben Trealor, Nathen Blaker, Reza Mirehsan, Rory Milton, Jay Cross, Luke Digweed, Peter Smith, All at the Cowley Club, Matt Hendry, Danny Brogan, Kurt Colman, Johnno, and everyone else who came to the shows, bought shit, and partied us out. You're awesome! Check out these bands too, they're all amazing bands, and people: The 255s(!!!), Above Them, Calvinball, Cynics, The Don Ramos Players, Glass Avalanche, Leagues Apart, Myles Pereira, Olive Anne, Some Sort Of Threat, Well Wisher, and You Me & The Atom Bomb! Thanks so much!

Our next show is Punk N Bowl V, with a load of amazing bands. Then we're going to record our split with Ten Speed Bicycle from London. If you wanna come and do guest vocals or something, you're welcome!

Late in September our Gaz is going to Uni, which means we'll probably be a bit quieter from then onwards. But fear not, we do have some rad shows in the pipeline and to be honest, I doubt it'll have much difference on our output as such.

I think that's it. See you and Punk N Bowl V!

PS. Did anyone else think the IT Crowd season finale was severely disappointing?


  1. The 255s are so good. Remind me of the Weakerthans. Ace news about Ten Speed. When are you recording with them? Didn't think they were E London though ha.x