Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lads on tour. Sorta.

Hello friends. It's been a while, lots to tell...

Firstly, we FINALLY released our demo on tape via What We Should Be Doing. It looks fucking lovelly too!

It's limited to 30 copies, 10 of which are being sold via the WWSBD blog, the remaining 20 by us at shows. They come with a free badge too!

Speaking of shows, we're doing a few cool shows around UK this Summer. Our Gaz is going away to uni in September, which I guess means we wont be playing as much afterwards, so it would be amazing if you could come hangout with us! Here's the dates...

28th July: The Fighting Cocks, Kingston - with Calvinball, Leagues Apart and Cynics

29th July: The Oxford, Manchester - with The Don Ramos Players, Well Wisher and more!

30th July: The Globe, Exeter - with Brothers, The 255s, False Arrests and Livi?

31st July: The Cowley Club, Brighton - with 255s and more

1st August: Help out? email dividersuk[at]hotmail[dot]com

4th August: Sigma, Swansea - with Good Luck, Bangers, ONSIND, and Ssssnakes

15th August: Punk N Bowl, Bristol Bowling Lanes - with The Arteries, Crazy Arm, Apologies I have none, You Me And The Atom Bomb, Pacer, Rooftops, and loads more cool bands!

If anyone can help us out on our days off it would be super appreciated!

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